Rules of the model's contest

Informations sur l'exposition de maquettes et figurines à Molsheim en 2020
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Rules of the model's contest

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Here are the rules of the contest which will take place during the models and figures’ exhibition in Molsheim on November 7th and 8th, 2020.

Article 1: General Provisions
Each participant must obligatorily exhibit models, apart from those taking part in the competition, at the event in which the competition is held.

Each participant must obligatorily proceed to the registration of his model with the admissibility’s personnel within the indicated deadlines.

Each participant will be able to register only 4 pieces maximum, with a maximum of 2 pieces per family.

For the contest, your model will be recorded by computer. The persons in charge of the registration will decide, by mutual agreement with the participant, of the registration’s category. The persons in charge of the admissibility at the time of the recording will not be members of the jury but will have sufficient bases modelers to determine this choice.

A mediator will intervene between the admissibility department, the jury and the participants in order to resolve any differences of opinion.

Participants, by entering the contest, acknowledge having read the rules and accept in full and in full the provisions of its articles. The participants recognize the arbitrator as a mediator whose decision can not be challenged by the members of the jury or by the competitors.

Article 2: model’s family
Three families are planned for this contest:
- planes
- armored
- figures
- diorama

Article 3: Categories of levels
Three categories will be retained initially:
• "Les diables rouges" category which will bring together achievements of a high level of detail;
• " Escadrille Lafayette " category which will bring together the achievements of an intermediate level of detail;
• "SPA 162 Tigre" Category which will gather the achievements of a beginner level.
• In these categories, depending on the number of models presented and their subjects, subcategories could be opened either by scale or by type of subject.

Article 4: Composition of the jury
The jury will be composed of volunteer jurors who will be selected based on their historical knowledge or their mastery of modeling. A "candid" juror will bring an outside view of a non-specialist and his vote will be as valid as that of the other jurors.

The composition of the jury will be known only to the mediator. The latter can reveal the composition of the jury only when the results are announced.

No juror will be able to avail himself of his quality with the exhibitors and the competitors before the awarding of the prizes.

The jurors will be contacted by email by the mediator before the exhibition. They can refuse this status.

Article 5: Lots
If the prizes donated by the generous donors prove to be insufficient, it is the beginner category that will be given priority.

Article 6: Registration
Registration is only open to persons exhibiting models during the contest host event.

The registration of the contest models can be done on the registration form on our website (highly recommended) On the spot the registration will be done November 07, 2018 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. After this period, the pieces will no longer be admitted to the competition.

Article 7: Scoring principle
The scoring will be done by the members of the jury independently and as discreetly as possible. The jurors will work from the first day on the registered pieces and this in all anonymity.

In order to ensure the independence of the rating, each model will be noted by a grid system that will remain confidential. The scores will be integrated into a computer system so as to automatically calculate the weights and establish the final score for each model as well as the ranking.

No juryman will know the distribution of the coefficients and will not be able to know the final note which he has attributed (random principle).

For each piece the jurors will have at their disposal a scoring sheet in which they will affect their notes. Each juror remains free to evaluate all the points on the card or to evaluate none (random principle).

Article 8: Proclamation
The results will be proclaimed by the mediator on Sunday at 16:00.
If the modeler / figurine artist who made the award-winning piece is not present at the award ceremony, the prize is redistributed to the entrants who participated in the contest at the discretion of the mediator.

If several pieces by the same author are awarded in the same category and same family, only the highest ranked piece will be rewarded.

The evaluation forms as recorded in the computer system will then be sent by e-mail to the contest participants.

Article 9: Status of jurors
Jurors will not be able to participate in the contest.

Article 10: Status of the personnel in charge of the admissibility
• These people can not be jurors;
• However, they will be able to participate in the contest.

Article 11: Status of the mediator
• The mediator will not be able to participate in the contest;
• The mediator can not be a juror;
• In the event of a dispute, its decision can not be disputed by the jurors or the participants.
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